Health & Safety


Ensuring Our Student Athletes Safe Everyday

The HHS Athletic Training Room serves as a space for rehab, evaluation, taping/bracing and some emergency medical treatment. Health and safety is a top priority for our football program and other athletic programs. During the football season the athletic training room serves approximately 20-25 students per day and 10-15 per day in the off season.

HHS Football players and athletes have top of the line medical equipment available to them such as a whirlpool, E-Stim combo until used for pain modulation, ultrasound which alleviates soreness and Braston tools which are augmented massage tools used to massage hamstring strains and tendinitis.

The University of South Florida (USF) has been a major contributor to our training room. From Braston tools and splints to tents and E-Stim equipment, USF ensures that the Hillsborough High School trainers are well equipped with the tools and resources to keep our team healthy and reduce injury. USF’s biggest contribution is paying for HHS to have our Athletic Trainer on staff year round.