Hillsborough High School 1942 Big Ten Champs Football Team

With over 130 years of tradition, our historic football program attracts over 10,000 students, alumni and spectators to Chelo Huerta Stadium each year. Hillsborough High School is revered as one of the longest standing high schools in Hillsborough County. Along with the second most winningest Coach, Earl Garcia, our football program has set the standard for other high school football programs in the county.

When school funding is reduced, the sports teams are the first to take the hit. The Hillsborough High School Football Association (HHSFA) was founded by HHS football alumni in response to finding donors who will help fill the financial gap.  By raising supplementary funds, our team is able to have access to improved uniforms, safety equipment, healthy meals and other valuable resources which allow them to compete equally with better funded teams on and off the field.

You, the fans,  are an important part our rich tradition and history in Tampa Bay and we appreciate your boundless support. On this website you will find information about our team and how you can make an impact during the upcoming football season.

We aren’t just high school football, We Are The Big Red!