Hillsborough football hall of fame


Art Maynor served in the Hillsborough High School JROTC. After graduating during World War II, Art’s education was interrupted by the war draft. Where he served in the Marines beginning in January 1946 for two years in Hawaii before he could return home to Tampa. Upon returning from service, Art wen to the University of Tampa and studied art and elementary education. As an elementary school teacher Maynor taught all subjects at that time, but he still managed to incorporate art in some way.

As time went on he continued his creative career when he debuted on WEDU in his television show called “Art if you please,” teaching basic art. While working for WEDU he went behind the scenes and started to write scripts for historical shows.

After working for the station for almost a decade, Maynor decided to branch out and start his own business. At first, he created educational picture books for other people and companies, but then he started writing his own material. His last book was an educational children’s book about Abraham Lincoln.